How is your business’s website looking these days?

A website is a shop window to customers of the online world, yet we see it all too often, neglected, unloved and undervalued. If you walk down the High Street and see a dirty shop window displaying out of date products, will you be drawn to walk in and look around? That’s what online prospective customers will think if you fail to maintain your website.

Many business owners fail to keep their website up to date because they think it’s going to be very time consuming. Wrong!  A correctly configured website needn’t take more than 1 hour per month to maintain (and this includes adding new content). There are so many online tools that we can offer which will take care of this for you. For example:

  • Adding images to your website: Easy! TOMC have tools that can pull fresh images from your Instagram account within 60 seconds, automatically. Consider it done!
  • Adding customer reviews: Again, automatic. Encourage your customers to leave reviews on Google or your Facebook page. We have tools that will pull this information into the website automatically.
  • Adding news posts: OK, unfortunately this can’t be automated, but we can simplify. We specialise in building simple content management systems (CMS) which take the hard work out of writing, formatting, adding images and monitoring performance. Just ask about our custom CMS.

Looking to find other people to write posts for your website?

We’ve got your back. We create content management systems which allow you to take control over what’s posted live to your customers. Our team are able to create multi-permission access to your website, allowing one person to write a post and another to approve it.

If you don’t have anyone to write posts for your website, why not ask about our content creation services. We are on hand to take this task off your plate. Our team are able to create gripping content, designed to keep your customer engaged and more importantly, take action! We’re also able to optimise the content to help you rank in a better position on the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc..). Read more about our Search Engine Optimisation services.

Don’t hold back any longer, let’s sort out that online shop window once and for all. Reach out today and let’s get started.

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