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Search Engine Optimisation – SEO

Search engine optimisation is one of the most common forms of online marketing available, it is also one of the fastest changing. Google and other search engines (Bing, Yahoo, etc…) are constantly changing their algorithms to improve the user experience and wipe out the ‘cowboys’ in the online industry. We’ll come back to this.

First of all, to make things clear, search engine optimisation SEO is a long term online marketing strategy. It’s based on working with your website and server, to optimise your content, the way it’s laid out, delivered and received by the wide range of internet users out there.

It’s been labelled as a long term strategy as the results from a properly managed strategy can take up to 6 months to show, but will last a very long time. Search engine optimisation (SEO) takes a long time as a lot of the work is based on developing a ‘digital relationship’ with the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc…). Proving to them that you’re a business that customers can trust, that you keep up with the times, you cater for everyone and your content is better than that of your competitors.

So, why does Search Engine Optimisation SEO move so fast?

Well, as we mentioned above, constantly developing algorithms will wipe out the ‘cowboys’, ‘the fakes’, anyone who runs an illegitimate business. Without diving into the dark web too much, there are people out their that use ‘black hat’ search engine optimisation SEO techniques. Techniques that are developed to fool Google, satisfy Google’s algorithm criteria to secure a top spot on the search page with false content.

Spam emails are perfect examples of this. Have you ever received an email from someone guaranteeing to get you to page 1 on Google or you’ll get your money back? Classic black hat SEO. Sure, you’ll be at the top for a little while, then when Google pickup on the tricks, your site will become blacklisted and you’ll struggle to get any traffic whatsoever.

What does TOMC do differently?

We only provide ‘white hat’ search engine optimisation. Legitimate techniques that are more permanent and will never discredit your website or domain’s reputation. We have a very impressive track record of results that we’ve manage to deliver to our customers, on a long term basis, getting them where they want to be on the search engines and keeping them there.

Our search engine optimisation packages include a whole range of services, include keyword density optimisation, technical performance / server performance, user experience, creating a more fluid journey, working on reducing bounce rates, internal and external back linking, the list goes on!

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Frequently asked Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Questions.

That all depends on how intensive your package is.

Search engine optimisation packages start from as little as £299 per month, this would ensure your website is structured well and there was no content that could be negatively effecting the reputation with the search engines.  Packages start to increase when TOMC start to introduce new content. Managing a news area, developing unique landing pages for products and services, user experience data manipulation and optimisation.

The only way we would be able to give you an exact figure, based on your requirements and goals, is by speaking to one of our specialists.  Get in touch with a search engine optimisation specialist today.

Yes, of course. You’re in control.

If you feel that your package is too intensive, we can lowest the spend a touch. Vice versa, if you’re looking for more work and want to rank higher for a wide range of search terms, we can turn up the heat. We’re really flexible.

Search Engine Optimisation is a long term online marketing strategy.

Search engine optimisation results can sometimes take a month or two to start showing significantly, all depending on your websites current crawl rate.  If you already have a fairly high crawl rate, we can look to compliment the results by posting content more frequently.  If, however, your website’s crawl rate is relatively low, we would look to focus on increasing this by manually submitting sitemaps within the search console on a regular basis.

Yes, absolutely.

Just by reviewing your website, analytics and search data, we will be able to tell you the current health of your website and form a rough idea of what’s been going on.  We will be able to tell what your current search engine optimisation provider has been up to and plan our work based on the findings.

Why not contact one of our search engine optimisation specialists for a full online marketing review today?

No way! Even if you’re moving your package from someone else.

Search engine optimisation scoring is based on the reputation between your website and the search engines.  We always use ‘white hat’ search engine optimisation techniques to improve this digital reputation, meaning your website will never become negatively effected.  Unlike many other SEO companies around!

Yes, we can if you need us to.

We usually create landing page content based on your website’s main content (homepage, services, etc…) and what we learn from working alongside you.  At first, we might ask you questions to help us better understand you, your business, products and services, but we will pick this information up in no time!

Some customers prefer to proof read all the content we write before it’s posted live, which is no problem.  Some businesses like to supply us with the information, which we then optimise for keyword density, meta data, linking and so on… It’s all about what you’d prefer.

You’re free to come and go as you please.

We’re results driven and like to think our customers have packages with us through choice. For this reason, all of our search engine optimisation marketing packages roll on a monthly basis.

We pretty sure that you will be with us for longer though.

Speak to a specialist who will get the ball rolling.

Our specialists will gather information about your business, typical and ideal customers, your sales process and products. They will then be able to use this information to produce a search engine optimisation marketing strategy for your business. Hit the button below and let’s get started.


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Customer testimonials.

Thanks to The Online Marketing Co., my shop is no longer just a Facebook business. We have a website that gets great hits from Google and we’re currently working with the guys to get our mobile app up and running. Can’t thank them enough.

R. Daniels

We moved over from our old web designer because we weren’t getting any sales online. Sean and his team made the transfer over really easy and we’re much happier working with The Online Marketing Co. Highly recommend.

C. Peterson

I struggled to find a company that would take my project on. The Online Marketing Co. were able to build our website with multi level staff access for my team based around the world. Not too expensive either!

R.H. Ali

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