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Email Marketing

They contacted you or purchased in the past, right? So what’s to stop them purchasing again? There are far too many customers out there that have a fantastic database of contacts that just doesn’t get used properly with a well managed email marketing strategy.

If you’re a genuine business, offer genuine, good quality products at a decent value, then there is nothing stopping you from reselling your products and services over and over again. Think about it, if you have the customer’s details, you’re already on the front foot. Well ahead of the competition in fact. They know you. They trust you.

Email marketing can be as simple or sophisticated as you require. This could involve sending a monthly newsletter to your whole database, informing them about new products, offers and deals, or it could be a fully fledged email marketing strategy, including:

  • Automatic up-sell / cross-sell email marketing campaigns: Informing customers about their previous purchases and tagging on “You might also like…” information.
  • Automatic occasion email marketing campaigns: Greeting your audience on their Birthday, Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day, their dog’s birthday if you must! Why not offer them some kind of deal as an incentive to re-purchase?
  • Loyalty reward automated email marketing campaigns: Let your customers know how much they mean to you by giving them reward points as and when they purchase. Let them know what they can do / buy with their points.
  • Abandoned cart email marketing campaigns (ecommerce): If a customer adds products / services to the cart on your website, but doesn’t checkout, save their basket and email them to push for that conversion.
  • Product / service referral incentive email marketing campaigns: If they’ve bought from you before, tell them to refer you to their friends and family. Offer them (or their friends) a reward for doing so. If they were happy with your product / service, why wouldn’t they?
Is email marketing still allowed?

I know a lot of people are already thinking “I thought GDPR put a stop to all this”. Not at all. GDPR put a stop to the misuse of user data, which quite frankly, we agree with! There is nothing worse than having to delete 1001 emails from your inbox on a Monday morning, trying to get to the important stuff. We don’t condone misuse of data (email addresses), nor do we agree with purchasing mass data lists. There are far more ethical ways to go about email marketing.

So, to make it clear. As long as you are emailing the customer about products and services they have shown an interest in / purchased, you’re fine to use the data. As long as the customer has formally opted in to your newsletter (and you have the consent on file), you’re fine to send them your news.

We also have a ton of clever ways to entice your audience to give you their details (and consent) which makes email marketing a fair game. We’re able to ensure your information is clear, informing the customers what they’re signing up to, and most importantly, keeping a record.

Still in the dark? Get in touch with one of our email marketing specialist who will be able to provide answers, based on your exact circumstances.

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Frequently asked Email Marketing Questions.

That all depends on how intensive your package is.

Email Marketing packages start from as little as £199 per month.  Email Marketing packages can vary depending on how the data is collected (though paper forms, digital forms, ecommerce systems), how fluid the data is, how much data manipulation is required, how the data will be segmented / categorised for use and how frequent you would like to email market.

Please note, there may be additional software fees depending on which program is used.

The only way we would be able to give you an exact figure, based on your requirements and goals, is by speaking to one of our specialists.  Get in touch with a email marketing specialist today.

Yes, of course. You’re in control.

If you feel that your package is too intensive, we can lower the spend a touch. Vice versa, if you’re having a great response and looking to email more, we can turn up the heat. We’re really flexible.

Your first email marketing campaign can be out the same day.

We can get your email marketing campaign going on the same day providing all the data is present and ready to use.  There may slight delays during approval processes if you have a large database of customers, however we know tips and tricks to speed up these processes.

That all depends on how much access you currently have.

If you have full access to your email marketing account, email database and website, we should be able access and optimise you current campaigns as we see fit. If you don’t have access, we can create a new account in no time!

We would never share access of an account with another marketing company for privacy and liability purposes.

That depends on the email marketing campaign and the database you have.

GDPR legislation made it illegal to misuse people’s data (email addresses), however, that doesn’t mean you can’t send them emails.  You can send them information about products and services they have expressed an interest in, and newsletters if they have given you formal consent.  You must keep a formal record of their consent, however most digital systems capture this information.

Our advice… Don’t chance it.  Let one of our email marketing specialists check what you can / can’t do and the best way to move forward.

Yes, we can if you need us to.

We usually create landing page content based on your website’s main content (homepage, services, etc…) and what we learn from working alongside you.  At first, we might ask you questions to help us better understand you, your business, products and services, but we will pick this information up in no time!

Some customers prefer to proof read all the content we write before it’s posted live, which is no problem.  Some businesses like to supply us with the information, which we then optimise for keyword density, meta data, linking and so on… It’s all about what you’d prefer.

You’re free to come and go as you please.

We’re results driven and like to think our customers have packages with us through choice.  For this reason, all of our email marketing packages roll on a monthly basis.

We pretty sure that you will be with us for longer though.

Speak to a specialist who will get the ball rolling.

Our specialists will gather information about your business, typical and ideal customers, your sales process and products. They will then be able to use this information to produce an email marketing strategy for your business. Hit the button below and let’s get started.


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Thanks to The Online Marketing Co., my shop is no longer just a Facebook business. We have a website that gets great hits from Google and we’re currently working with the guys to get our mobile app up and running. Can’t thank them enough.

R. Daniels

We moved over from our old web designer because we weren’t getting any sales online. Sean and his team made the transfer over really easy and we’re much happier working with The Online Marketing Co. Highly recommend.

C. Peterson

I struggled to find a company that would take my project on. The Online Marketing Co. were able to build our website with multi level staff access for my team based around the world. Not too expensive either!

R.H. Ali

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